Monday, May 12, 2008

93 and still counting!!

Can you imagine being 93 years old? Wow. Nope, I surely can't. But this fabulous man can!

Joseph A. Rider turned 93 years old on May 11, 2008

I am so fortunate to have my grandfather living in an assisted living facility ten minutes away from me. I get to visit him every week, hear continuous advice about what I should do with my life, and enjoy learning about his past. I LOVE IT! (And, if I was to be totally honest, he is one of the few reasons I still call Boston “home”.)

So, to celebrate this event, as well as my uncle's birthday on May 12th, I joined my uncle Don, uncle Peter (and his family, Debbie, Matthew and Danny), and my grandfather for dinner on Saturday night at the CHART HOUSE, which is a very nice restaurant in the city by on the water. (I forget that Boston is located literally on the water's edge. Pictures below)
So, here's all of us. I just have to comment... I am not a huge fan of the outfit I am wearing with this necklace/earrings, but I was dying to wear my new "seashell neckless" and it was really cold to wear anything "summery"! I found this cute necklace at a little boutique that came into our gym last Wednesday and I splurged! I've just got to find the right outfit for it now :)
Here's the man of the hour... blowing out his candles! Happy BIRTHDAY Pop-Pop!

It was great to get together with my uncles, aunt and cousins because I don't see them very often. And, it was also fun to spend some time by the water waiting for everyone to arrive. I get so caught up in my life on the west side of the city I forget how close we are to the water!

And, this is my favorite picture of all... there's the boats and there is the city right behind it!

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Jamie Parke said...

Those are really neat pictures of the city on the water. Happy birthday to your Grandpa, 93 is quite an accomplishment!