Sunday, May 25, 2008

A New room... a new chair! (kind of...)

I have been meaning to rearrange my room for a while now and Saturday morning was the perfect day to do so. My mom was in town and I wanted to take advantage of the extra help as well as her suggestions on where things should go.

I have an incredibly small room. Smaller than some of the rooms I had when I was at BYU, but it works for me. You would think that with such a small room it wouldn't take very long to rearrange it. But, no. It took over three hours! This was for two reasons: 1. I have an incredible amount of stuff located in my incredibly small space; 2. Things moved from point A to point B and then back to A and then to point C and back to B before they finally ended up in point D!

I am very happy with the way it turned out and I took a one hour Sat afternoon nap as soon as the room was all in place :)

However, one of the reasons why I wanted to rearrange was because I have been checking everywhere for an arm chair to replace the papasan chair in my room. I never sat in the papsan chair. It's only purpose was a place for me to throw some pillows and my jacket in the winter time.

This is the time of year in Boston when you can find true gems on craigs list. All the students are moving out and they wait till the last minute to post their items for sale. And, because it's last minute they are usually pretty cheap.

On Friday, I found the chair I had been waiting for. And, for only $20!!!! (It's not new, but it's NEW to me)
Look at this gem! I love the color. It swivels around and it reclines. It's comfy and it only cost $20!!!! People name their cars... I am thinking of naming this chair because it's been a long time coming. I've been looking for one for about a year now. (My other problem in looking for a chair was its size. It's an incredibly small space it has to go through on two staircases. This chair BARELY fit. We SQUEEZED it through and even took off one of the doors to make it fit.

The most hilarious part was getting it home. I wish I had my camera. I only have a four-door car (sedan). My brother and I opened the trunk and put down the back seats. We put the top of the chair in first, so the bottom and last 12 inches of the chair were hanging off the end of my car. I ALSO didn't have any rope to tie down the trunk and the chair :)

So, Evan, being the nice brother that he is, rode in the back of my car holding in to the fabric at the top of the chair to keep the chair from falling out! We only had about 20 blocks to go... but it was quite a site. We had to go at a crawl pace because any sudden acceleration and the chair inched more and more out the back of the trunk. It arrived safely. Home, home at last.

Any suggestions for a name for it?! :)


Unknown said...

That really would've been an awesome picture of you transporting your chair!!!! Now that you have a blog you can't leave home without your camera! Congrats on the new room and new chair!

Maylene said...

Oh I loved your chair story! That must have been a site to see. Also that was kind of random...Mr. Potato Head...I bet Sydney would have thought that was super funny!