Monday, May 12, 2008

Lilac Sunday

Lilac Sunday is one of my favorite things about Boston. It's held at the Arnold Arboretum which is located in South Boston.

I took this picture!!! Pretty, huh! And they smell good too :)

Here's some info on Lilac Sunday:
There are over 422 lilac plants of approximately 194 different kinds in the Arnold Arboretum collections. They provide a season of color and scent that extends over five weeks each spring.
The lilac is singled out each year for a daylong celebration. On Lilac Sunday (which is always Mother's Day), garden enthusiasts (and people like me!!) from all over New England gather at the Arboretum to picnic, watch Morris dancing, and tour the lilac collection.

I've been for the past four years, and yes, I've even gone in the rain! It's just so beautiful and fun to walk through their garden paths. But, it's even better when you can picnic there. You're only allowed to bring food in and picnic on Lilac Sunday... so that's why it's even more popular. And, mother's day (lilac Sunday) was the PERFECT day for this!!

Here's my friends and I after our little picnic.... soaking it in. I could have stayed there forever!
My friend, Meredith, and I walking amongst the lilacs
More friends came to join us, and two of my roommates... and again, more eating after our nap!
Aleigh, Shelly, Michelle, Andrea and Mark
Linda, Leah and Seth

I had such a wonderful afternoon. If I couldn't be with my mom on Mother's day... this is where I wanted to be!

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