Sunday, January 4, 2009


My Team - The "Suns"... minus Cecilia and Leo

So, at the end of last summer I decided that I needed to start filling my time with more meaningful activities... especially my Saturdays. I had been looking around for some volunteering opportunities, but hadn't decided on anything.

BUT, then Leo decided he was going to sign up for basketball at the local YMCA and I jumped at the opportunity to be his basketball coach!! The Y was looking for volunteer parent coaches. I wasn't his parent, but I still counted. So, since September every Saturday from 10-12 I have the privilege of coaching 8-9 boys and girls ages 5-8 in basketball. It is SOOO much fun!

I did a similar thing with one of my bestest BYU friends, Nancy, when we were at BYU and we coached only girls who were about 8-10 years old.... and I LOVED it. This experience has been similar. Most of these kids have no idea what they're doing in the beginning (and some never really do catch on), but we do drills and teach them basic skills for the first hour and then they scrimmage other teams for the 2nd hour. They are just excited to bounce a basketball and run up and down the court! Leo is one of my star players. He's a natural with anything having to do with running and a ball. His sister, Cecilia, joined our team for the winter season as well.

They were both absent on Saturday (see post above this one as to why) but these are some of the other kids. I just LOVE their enthusiasm. They just want to learn and to play. They have so much energy and are not afraid of making a mistake. One of the little boys makes me smile with everything he says because even though he never throws the ball anywhere near the basket... or has any idea as to what is going on... he's the biggest cheerleader for the team and is so positive and optimistic. I LOVE IT!!! This has been such a rewarding thing for me. I love the kids, I've learned so much from the other adults I work with and I have truly valued the opportunity to participate!

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