Monday, October 19, 2009

My new self-esteem booster quote

Some days I just need this:

"If they are too feeble-minded to see how miraculous you are, they would not be smart enough for you anyway."

Where was this quote when I started dating? :)

Sadly, it's still applicable to my dating scene... that is, if I went on dates! In the meantime, I know there are other situations I can apply it to!

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Sarah said...

Dating is one of the hardest parts of life. I say...move to California and we can hang out and I can weed out the losers for ya. I'm grateful for all the rejection on my mission..I think it hardened me a little (not that I am insensitive, but it toughened me up I guess). I never went on dates at BYU unless I asked...that got old fast. Seriously, come visit...I will scope out the single guys for ya.