Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My little Buddy's 4th Birthday

I can NOT believe Jeremiah just turned 4! I remember getting a call when he was just born.... and now it's been 4 years!

I have to say that I remember his first two months of life were VERY trying. He just screamed and screamed. Nothing would console him or quiet him down at any hour of the day. Maybe that was just a test for his parents (and all those within ear-shot) that if they could make it through those two months, the rest of their lives would be filled with the JOY this sweet, caring, loving, and kind little boy would bring into their lives!

I call him "my little buddy" as we have spent countless hours together since birth. There's never a dull moment when he's around and he knows how to give the best hugs and to say the nicest things to warm your heart. He sees the bright side of life and just wants to please you!

For his 4th birthday, he wanted a Halloween party. So, about 15 of his friends came dressed in costume on a BEAUTIFUL fall day in Washington DC. It was perfect weather for a sweet celebration! Here are some of the pics...

A spaceman looking down on his big cake!!

"Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!"
Ooopppsss... I bought the candle and I didn't realize they were TRICK candles!!
That's what you get for going birthday party shopping at a Halloween store!
Mom's trying to help... :)...
until we realized they were TRICK CANDLES!!
Cecilia (his sister) and Daniella are DYING to get some!
My favorite picture of all.

I could give him hugs and kisses forever!!

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