Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween FUN!

I'll confess. This is not my most favorite holiday. I love it because the kids get so excited.. and pumpkin carving can be fun! But I hate how much society has turned the costumes for girls into sleazy outfits and a lot of the blood and gore that comes with it.

Sometimes, it seems like this holiday goes on for forever! Kids start talking about costumes and candy in September, then the pumpkin carving starts in October... and then again in mid-October because the pumpkins rot, more Halloween decorating, and parties and parades even before the big day! This year was no different, but more fun for me because I was more involved in the action of it all with the kids!

Leo had off on Friday so he and I made homemade doughnuts (thanks to a post by Emily with the recipe a few weeks ago!! ) and then we went to Jeremiah's pre-school Halloween parade! I had never been to one before and couldn't believe they actually went and paraded around the neighborhood... but they did! They had people lining the streets to hand out candy and the kids put on quite a show with all their costumes! The weather was cloudy and damp... but at least not raining!

I don't think Jeremiah really understood what was going on either, but was happy to get the candy!
Jeremiah - The Astronaut
Here's a picture of his "Frog Class". They could not sit still to get one good picture!
Jeremiah looks thoroughly bored in the back.
After the parade, I took Leo, Jeremiah and Leo's friend Walter to Cox Farm. There they have this huge festival with 6 or 7 giant slides, a hayride, a corn maze, petting zoo, crafts, a rope swing, and food everywhere! It was a ton of fun and the boys LOVED it!
Jeremiah on the volcano slide... was a little hesitant at first because of the "haunted noises" coming from the volcano... but he was happy when he got on the slide!

It took a lot of convincing to get Jeremiah to pet this goat! He was TERRIFIED of them and clung to my pants for the first ten minutes we were in the caged area. Understandably so because they were about his same height! But, I slowly warmed him up to the idea and I petted the goat first. Since the goat didn't move, he thought it would be OK too! Now you can see a smile on his face in this picture...
This was the coolest thing we saw in the cornmaze.
Can you see what's missing? How do they do that?
We stood and looked for about ten minutes and could not figure it out!
A HUGE pig... although picture doesn't capture that!
My little buddy and the pig!

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