Sunday, November 14, 2010

A sad farewell... and a new beginning...

To my ever faithful, hardworking, humble

Toaster Oven

You've lived through the past few years with me, traveled through many states, worked hard for me at all hours of the day and you have never failed me.

But, the time has come. Not necessarily by my wish, or plan, for you. It seems too soon. I was given you by a fabulous roommate in Boston, after you served her well for so many years. I knew I could always count on you to toast my bread to perfection, and reheat my pizza better than any microwave could ever do.

However, the time has come for us to move on from each other... basically because my mom thinks you're going to burn down my apartment one day (she doesn't know you as well as I do and she never learned the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover.")... and because it did smell like smoke in our hallway when I used you this past week (but I think that was most likely coming from a neighbors apartment since I'll never lose faith in you!!)

You've served me well and I will truly miss you. Thank you for helping to make so many yummy meals for me! I hope you enjoy your rest and find friends you knew from your manufacturing days as you join them in the junkyard.

Moving on...

Meet my new friend! We haven't had the chance to bond yet over a meal, but will later on today.

The Cuisinart® Convection/Broiler Toaster Oven features the convenience of Total Touch® touchpad controls, consistent shade control, and an Exact Heat™ sensor to maintain precise oven temperature. And its large enough to fit a 12" pizza!

I'm excited to learn what "consistent shade control" means for when I toast my bread because I never knew light was a factor in getting the perfect toast! I am also excited for the muscles I will build lifting my new friend when I put it away after each use because it weighs 22.8 lds... but here's to roasting my first small chicken! ... and maybe now I'll be inspired to actually cook something :)

Past roommates and family will understand why I just wrote that! :)


Laura said...

Ha ha ha. I mean, SNIFFF... I will miss her, too. The new one looks beautiful and shiny and ... well... better. I hope it serves you well.

Midwayedancer said...

aww I hope you didn't let your old one have a glimpse of the new one. That would be sad.