Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am so fortunate to live minutes away from my brother, his wife and their beautiful little girl! Every time I see her, she just makes me smile! She's just about 6 months old, but she knows how to bring on the charm to win over the heart of anyone she meets! 

On Friday I took her in a store with me, and she got SOOO much attention from all of workers and customers! They even gave her a cute stuffed little dog! I wish I could claim her as my own.... except when she has those very stinky diapers :)

She is a very happy little girl (unless she's tired or hungry :) and she just brings so much joy to her parents and those who meet her!

I can't even think about what's going to happen at the end of this month... (they are moving to Boston (of all places!) for my brother's new job. I lived there for 6 years and begged family members to come live near me!) I am going to miss them so much, especially this adorable little girl!

So, when they were over for dinner we took a few shots. Granted, these were taken an hour after she should have gone down for a nap!

 Her beautiful blue eyes! 
And, that smile melts my heart!
 The flash kind of threw her off
 Oh - I just don't want to ever let her go!
 The proud and amazing daddy with his little girl!
 Again, the flash was shocking!
 So cute!!!
I am one proud aunt!

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