Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Memory of Warren A. Fitzpatrick and Marian Fitzpatrick

Marian Fitzpatrick
March 2, 2022 - March 18, 2012

Warren A. Fitzpatrick
March 9, 2021 - April 4, 2012

My grandparents were amazing! Even though they lived on an island just north of Seattle, WA for all of my life, when I was younger, we usually got to see them a couple of times a year. In the summer, I always looked forward to their visit. We would go on walks together, play cards on the back deck, and just "show off" to our grandparents how much we had learned and what talents we had acquired or improved since the last time we saw them! They always shared their "snicky-snacks" with us, even though it was really close to dinner time, and they loved to give us advice. Granted, I didn't appreciate that then, as much as I do now, but if there's one thing they made very clear to my brothers and I was that we were very loved. My dad was an only child, so we were their only grandchildren and they let us know that they loved spending time with us!

My grandfather loved golf, but he also loved to read, especially anything about history and the newspaper. He and my dad could debate anything. My grandmother, on the other hand, was Ms. Social! She loved talking, being around other people, and was usually "the life of the party!"

We traveled to Seattle a few times to see them. The island that they lived on didn't have too much to offer in terms of modern conveniences, but we enjoyed its beauty. I loved taking the ferry from the mainland to visit them, and to see the view out of their living room window as the house they built sits on top of a hill by the water. Since they had lived for many years in Japan, their house had some authentic Japanese items, and my grandmother was always trying to teach me a word or two of Japanese. 

They were married for almost 69 years! 69! (Married May 15, 1943) I loved watching the two of them interact. You could tell by their words and actions that they truly loved each other. Each day they put the care and concern for each other first - with everything. The last couple of years of my grandmothers life she lived in a home for those suffering from Alzheimer's, but my grandfather would diligently drive an hour each way three or four times a week to spend the day with her and take her to lunch. They loved spending time with each other and were such a great example to me of what a marriage should be. In the end, it was almost like they were living for the other. After my grandmother passed, my grandfather lived for only 2 and a half more weeks. He knew that it was OK for him to go then, too. They both passed away peacefully, and my grandfather passed away in the home that he built and loved.

The last time I was able to see both of them was in August 2010. It was a cherished visit and I am glad we took the opportunity to get pictures with each other! 

Nana and Pop-pop - You will be missed. Thank you for your example, encouragement, advice, memories, ...... but more than anything, thank you for your love.

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