Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh - How I miss these guys!

 I've been looking forward to this week for a while...
Juliette and the kids were coming to town!

They are on April break from their school in MA (How I miss February and April vacation weeks!) so they decided to come visit their grandparents, friends, and me in D.C. for part of the week! 
 I could not believe how much they've grown, but their personalities, humor, and mannerisms were very much what I remembered!
 All smiles. They truly are happy kids!
 And, Leo and Jeremiah definitely know how to be silly. 
Here Leo was doing a funny face for the camera!

It was such a beautiful day here in DC. I went to meet them at their grandparents house. We visited for a bit so I could catch up on their friends, activities and what-not.

The kids were getting a bit restless, so we decided to go down to the new MLK memorial. Juliette led the way to Rock Creek parkway and we went down. It was such a pretty drive and I had not done it before. It's weird to think that you're in the middle of a city while you're driving down it!

We walked around the memorial and then went to the Roosevelt one. I had never walked it extensively and actively paid attention to what I was viewing. Leo even asked the Park Ranger what some of the items carved on the walls meant! I learned a lot!

Then, we drove back down memory lane for them (and a drive I could do in my sleep) as we drove past Georgetown, Jetties, The Lab School and up to W Street. Then, a left on W street and past their old house (which I lived in with them). However, the current owners basically tore the entire house down and only left a couple structures standing... and are rebuilding it! Since there weren't any walls up, we could see the old staircase and a few other things. Oh - the memories!

Then, we were off to lunch at the "Famous" Palisades Pizza! Famous maybe for being the MOST expensive piece of pizza you can buy! But, the kids and I used to walk there from their house and get ice cream there too... so they wanted to go back. We had a very fun time there! This is a picture of us chillin' outside after we ate.
I love these guys so much! It was fun to catch up and to give Jeremiah and Leo the "tickles" I used to when they were a little younger. I loved doing this when I put them to bed! They shared a room and so we would read stories and then I would just play a game where I would make up some story and it always involved a tickle here and there. Or, I would give them ten seconds to do something and if they didn't, they got tickled! They usually chose not to succeed in the challenge so they would get tickled. We all loved it!

These guys will always have a special place in my heart and I am glad I have an extra reason to visit them in Boston now that Evan, Madison and Holland live there now too!

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