Sunday, March 1, 2009


Everyday during my lunch groups, I get to hear some pretty wild, comical things from the kids! I always have them start the group by sharing something. Whatever they want, they just have to share something with everyone else. Most of the time I hear about some sports game they were in, or what they did on the weekend, etc.

Well, a few weeks ago one boy mentioned how he had his birthday party at Bonkers. I was like, "What"? I thought I knew most of the kid-friendly entertainment places around here. Well, come to find out... there's still places for me to discover!

Bonkers is a family-friendly, indoor, glorified Chuck-E-Cheese/amusement park all in one. I was SOOOOO Impressed! Not only was the staff helpful, the place was CLEAN (which I almost never find at similar kid-friendly places) and there was actually space to move around. I didn't feel like I was a sardine and that the boys had to hold my hands as we moved around the building for fear that someone would steal them from me (which I often feel at our local Chuck-e-cheese!)

Personally, I had SO much fun, so you can imagine how much fun the kids had. The rides were just perfect for their age and they loved the HUGE climbing structure/gym they had as well. I am so glad we went and I'm SO GLAD I find out such random facts from kids at my school :)

Jeremiah's tatto - #3 because he's 3 years old!

Leo's PIRATE Tatto!
Jeremiah on the Merry-Go-Round... he was too scared to ride the horses that moved up and down :)
Leo!! All SMILES :)

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Laura said...

Thanks for the post - I am going to be taking care of the terrorists soon (Cami's having her baby next Month) and will be in desperate need of ways to entertain them! And I really want that pirate tatoo...