Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Everything's AMAZING....nobody's happy."

My friend posted this video on her facebook account and I thought it was hilarious. A very good reminder about what I take for granted. It's incredible the technology we have now in the world and yet I still complain when my cell phone accidentally drops a call... or I can't get internet access for a minute or two... or my internet is running "slower" than normal. I've come to expect quality and "Dang IT! I'm going to complain if I don't have it!" That's ungrateful and stupid thinking on my part... but yet I still do it.

For any of you who do the same and have four minutes to spare... go to this link! I had never heard of him before but did some research and he's an Emmy Award Winning stand-up comedian! I feel even more connected to him since he grew up in Newton, MA.



Shelly Karren said...

So glad you included this link on your blog. Made me laugh all over again!

Aleigh said...

I really love how this is going the rounds. It really is a great! Now if only I could learn how to incorporate it into my own life and stop complaining. :)