Sunday, April 5, 2009

100 Days

For those of you who watch CNN or some of the other news stations, you know that they have been keeping track of Obama's first 100 days in office. To me, this seems a little silly. Personal political views aside... my thinking is "Give this guy some time!" But, 100 days it is.

Well, I am a succor for reading "how to" or self-help" books! Mainly because I know I have so many things I need to improve on in my life and I figure reading these books will inspire me in new ways. Give me hope that it is possible, I guess! Anyway, I was excited about one of the challenges given to an individual in the book and I am going to do it too. It's the concept of 100 days.

I am the type who always makes New Year resolutions... and by February I have forgotten what they were for the most part. So, I'll do it again... and the pattern continues. I think the concept of working on something for a year is too long and I just can't grasp it. So, how about 100 days! What can I accomplish in 100 days? No, What can I REALLY accomplish in 100 days? Let's put it to the test. It's only 100 days. I can focus on something for 100 days. Starting tomorrow.

And, this is especially pertinent for me after having spent the weekend listening to talks from my church leaders in what my religion calls "General Conference". I LOVE these two weekends we have each year. It's always relaxing and refreshing to hear inspired counsel and to learn more from those I truly admire, revere, respect and LOVE! I feel very inspired and motivated to implement some of the things that came to mind as I listened this weekend. Here goes... "What will I accomplish in the next 100 days because of the power that is available to me as I draw closer to the Savior than I ever have before?"

100 days from tomorrow is: July 14!! By that time, I'll be somewhere for the summer, at least, and most likely NOT in Boston. A lot of changes in my life are possible over the next few months so this test will be a good one for me. 100 days... here we go.

I wonder if CNN will be as interested in my 100 days as they are in Obama? :)

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Maylene said...

Well if CNN isn't, I am always interested in what's going on :) I like that idea too...of 100 days to accomplish things. That at least is a good amount of time but still has an end date that is not so far away as to promote procrastination.