Sunday, April 26, 2009

My new favorite quote... and a book recommendation

So, recently I asked some friends and family members for book recommendations. I want to pass on this recommendation to ANYONE who wants to read a book that makes the reader ask themselves some tough questions about what it means to be a good parent, sister, or person... what is morally correct in making some life v. death medical questions... and ultimately, what would you do if you were in the same situation.

From the moment I started reading this book, I never wanted to put it down. And, as I have now finished, I still haven't come to my own conclusions as to what I would do if faced with the same moral/ethical questions.

On another note, near the end of the story I found my new favorite quote. Two of the characters are talking about what it means to love someone. There's drama throughout the story that builds up to this point, but one of the characters ends her comments with
"You don't LOVE someone because they're perfect. You LOVE them in SPITE of the FACT that they are NOT perfect."

Right now, in my single life I needed that reminder. There is the ever-continuous debate among single people about finding the "perfect" person. or the "perfect match" for us, and whether that's a worthy pursuit or not. I am of the firm belief that it's not. Logically, I KNOW this to be true, but my actions don't always coincide with what I KNOW. Stupid, huh. Whether I am being too judgemental or even, sadly, looking for things that are wrong, I keep doing it while knowing that they cold have a feast day pointing out all of my flaws. Totally illogical behavior on my part. Quotes like these are good reminders and steer me back in the right direction!


Midwayedancer said...

Have you read her other books? 19 Minutes is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing also. I heard they are making MSK into a movie.

Cara said...

Thanks for the suggestion!!