Sunday, April 19, 2009

A bone to pick...

I have a HUGE bone to pick with any driver who goes through a toll on the East Coast and does NOT have a transponder. Why, oh why, would you NOT get a FASTLANE or an EZPASS? It's free. You can monitor your account online. It sits on your windshield and is hidden by your Rear view mirror. See???!!!

Another BIG REASON: You don't have to wait in line at the tolls!!! That's the thing I don't understand. WHY WOULD ONE choose to SIT and WAIT when you're driving on the highway... where the point is to go fast and get to your destination? I DON'T understand!!! It's FREE! (can you sense my frustration??)

Yesterday, I drove from Boston to PA. BECAUSE of all the people who do NOT have a transponder, I had to wait in long lines because these people get in the Fastlane to try and scoot up on the toll, but then block those of us who ARE SMART and HAVE GOTTEN a pass. IT was VERY frustrating. Why? Why would anyone not get a transponder? This is something I don't understand, but would really, really like to. So, please comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions and help me UNDERSTAND!

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