Saturday, April 11, 2009

Call me Martha...

(Disclaimer 1: picture might not actually represent what mine looks like)

Martha Stewart, that is. Well, the Martha before she went to jail for immoral actions.

I don't know what inspired me. Maybe it was having a three-day weekend where we had Friday off instead of Monday (those three day weekends aren't as good as having the Friday off because you have fun on Friday and think that the next day is Sunday, but NO, you have one more day to play!) Well, yesterday I played and it was fun! It was a beautiful day in Boston and spring was in the air. I went with a good friend to the Wrentham outlets and LOVED it! I had success in finding what I was looking for and just soaked in the sun as we walked outside! Then, I went to the temple with two other friends and it just topped off a perfect day.

But, back to Martha. So, today I got a burst of energy and decided to do spring cleaning. I went through all my clothes and "stuff", organized and THREW out. I am not my mother's daughter in that sense. The less stuff, the better. I do keep some sentimental things, but I am not a person who will keep something in case I'll use it "some day"... cause I've learned that "someday" almost never comes... and if it does I've forgotten I've saved it anyway! (or I just can't find it!!) I even went through my 72 hour kit and replaced stuff that will expire!

Well, after organizing everything, I went to the kitchen, took a deep breath and got started! I am NOT A COOK in anyway, shape or form. My roommates laugh/are disgusted by what I usually eat on the run. But, I was prepared today. I had gotten off recipes and was ready to go!

In three hours (which actually passed rather quickly while listening to my ipod) I made (and cleaned up from... which prob took one hour of the 3 hours!)
Biscuits (for Easter dinner tomorrow)
Jam-filled muffins (again, for Easter dinner)
Chicken Pot Pie (from scratch!!)
Banana-Chocolate chip bread (mom's specialty)
... and what I am MOST proud of

(Disclaimer 2: picture might not actually represent what mine looks like)

ICED OATMEAL APPLESAUCE COOKIES. Mostly because the recipe came from Martha's website. They're beautiful and taste yummy too! I like the extra touch of the drizzled on icing. Of course mine look exactly like hers do :)

But, now I am exhausted. It's nap time. I don't know how people do things like I did today more than once a year :)


Midwayedancer said...

Hi Cara. It's Lisa Stephenson. Everything looks amazing! There is something about the warm weather that does make you want to start scrubbing and tossing things.

Emily said...

oh the iced oatmeal applesauce cookies... i have fond memories of those... from martha or well the girl who developed the recipe... that was a good day at work :D

Maylene said...

Yummy! Sounds like fun. I love cleaning and throwing things out that I really don't need. It is sort of like getting some unseen weight off your shoulders, at least that is how I see it :)