Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I left UT on Sunday and started my drive back to Fort Collins. Amazing the difference the drive is when the sun is out and the roads aren't coated in falling snow! I was able to enjoy the beauty of Wyoming... although if you've seen one sight along I-80, you've seen them all.

But, I knew I loved Wyoming when I came upon the following
 $2.59 for unleaded gas!! Yes, please!!!
In D.C. it's about $4 something a gallon

I arrived back in Fort Collins in time to take up another few rounds of Pounce... and to catch some dessert with the boys before bed!  

On New Years Eve, I found a local "bounce house" that was having a New Years Eve party for kids from 9:30-12:30 PM - which a "ball drop" and celebration at noon! It was so much fun! I even went down a few of the slides... but mostly chased the boys from one bounce structure to the next in tag.

 I think they had fun!
 I love that they get along so well!

At 11:45 they gave out noise-makers and other such party things to all the kids. It was SO loud in there as the kids couldn't get enough of their new found toys!
 At noon... the ball dropped, disco lights turned out, and the dance party began. This picture is hard to see, but it's me and the boys!
Afterwards, the place cleared out pretty fast but we stayed to the very end and the boys had all the structures to themselves for about 20 minutes! They loved it! Then, I took them to their favorite fast food restaurant - SMASH BURGER! My first time there but I was very impressed by their menu selection. Sweet potato fries (amongst other things...) - YUM!!

It was such a fun morning! And, I didn't really feel the need to stay up till midnight anymore. I had done my celebrating! But, I truly enjoyed the rest of my time in Fort Collins with them. More Pounce in the evening... and just fun time being together as family. Can't get enough of it!! Fortunately I'll be back in Ft Collins to watch the boys for a week in February. Can't wait!!

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