Friday, January 4, 2013

I just can't get enough of these guys! :)

 I feel so blessed to have such an incredible family... that continues to GROW!

This holiday I was able to spend time with all my immediate family members, and I could not have asked for anything better for Christmas!

I first flew to RI and stayed with my dad and Chris. On the 23rd we got to spend some time with Chris's immediate family and it was nice to meet them. Then, on Christmas Eve, Evan, Madison and Holland came to visit and I just could not get enough of this little one!

 She melts my heart!

She's an active, happy and sweet little girl! She's starting to walk and just starting to formulate words. She loves to smile and laugh and to explore the world around her. She also loves to play with anything that has buttons... a remote, a cell phone, a calculator... whatever. She's easy to please!
 Here she wants my phone!
 She also loves books. For Christmas, one of the things I got her was a book about Little Sisters and how wonderful they are... because Holland is about to be a big sister in a few weeks!
Holland with a phone in one hand and a remote in the other
Heaven for her.

We took some pictures around the tree.

 Next year I can be in this picture holding two adorable girls :)

On Christmas day I flew from RI to Denver so I could see Justin, Becca and their boys! They are so cute. I arrived form the airport in time for catch "ELF" (one of my top five fav. movies!) and dinner. It was their first time watching "Elf" and I hope it becomes one of their favorites too! After dinner, we all played "Pounce". I had never played it before but I am now ADDICTED! Such a great game. But, we stopped for some yummy dessert. Jace loved the new hat he got for Christmas!
 My brother, Justin, got one too. Way cute. But, he would not be happy with me if I posted the picture I took of him and his hat! Although... it's going in the family calendar for next year :)
Here's another hat Jace got. The thing looks heavier than his head, but he loved wearing it.

I had so much fun spending time with all my family and thinking about the many blessings I have been given. My thoughts also turned to my mom, who wasn't with us. While I miss her terribly, I know that she is happily reunited with her parents and family members who have also passed... and that someday we will all be reunited again. Knowing this brings me so much peace and comfort.

In the meantime, I cherish the time I can spend on this earth with my family members and am so grateful for their love, encouragement and support!

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