Saturday, January 5, 2013

UTAH fun!

In between Christmas and New Years, I took a little excursion to UTAH!. I miss it there. I miss the mountains, the easy to navigate streets, most parts of the culture, and my many friends that live there!

The weather did not disappoint... snowy and cold as I would expect. The drive from Ft. Collins to UT was a bit harried as the weather in Wyoming was worse than the forecasters predicted, but I felt blessed to have been given a free upgrade to a small SUV when I went to pick up my rental. I felt much safer in it!


I spent time with a mixture of BYU, Boston and DC friends. I also got to explore some of the new things that have been built since I graduated from BYU... as well as enjoy some of the things that have stayed the same but are always enjoyable to see...

like the Temple Square Lights in SLC!
Aren't they just magical!!
Such a pretty walk. They do an amazing job with them.

It was a very chilly and windy night we were there... so we took every opportunity to scoot inside a building to warm up! (Personally, I think I have become more susceptible to the cold as I've grown older. Brrrr! ) The group I was with wanted to go to the top of the Joseph Smith Building and this was our view! Again - Magical!!
I absolutely LOVE this photo. The temple in the background with the opportunities inside to be able to be with our families for eternity... and then a manger scene on the water outside the temple reminding us that because of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can return to live with Heavenly Father once again. Such a blessing that knowledge is. It fills me with peace and comfort. I could have starred at this for hours... if it wasn't so darn chilly!
Before we toured the lights, we went to the most amazing restaurant for Mexican Food in all of UT - I would say. It was SOOOO yummy! And, the fact that we had to wait about 40 minutes for a seat confirmed its popularity with us! Red Iguana... Yes PLEASE!!
Such a fun group of people!
Jill and I stopped by to visit a friend and meet his new dog. I just had to post a picture because this thing was INCREDIBLE in size. Almost like a little bear! Probably 5 feet tall or more when standing on its hind legs. But, it was the sweetest, most gentle dog I had met in a long time! It is very playful... but it's HUGE! Name is Sampson... definitely fitting.
One morning, Rebecca, Jill and I had the opportunity to drive out to The Homestead (a resort) in Midway, UT, to go for an hour swim in "The Crater." I had never done this before, or heard about it. I had been to "Hot Spots" while I was a student at BYU, but this was MUCH cooler!

See that mound in the distance... that's "The Crater." Learn more about how it formed naturally HERE. Basically a geothermal spring hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock located on the Homestead property.
It was very foggy inside because the water always fluctuates between 90-95 degrees, but the air outside was maybe in the teens... maybe. This is a picture at the top of the crater which has a screen over it, but air can come in and out. There was also a door on the side to let us in and out.
It was very dark inside but they had lighting along the walls. Again, the air was SOOOO cold! This is a picture of me before I dared to take off my outer layer and jump in with my swimsuit on!
It was awesome! The few moments of standing in a bathing suit in the cold was worth the sauna temps in the water. The Crater was very unique as we examined its walls and just enjoyed the beauty of the "natural wonder!"

On the way home we passed by this snowman. I thought it was creative and hilarious. I feel like this sometimes. :)
My trip would not have been complete without some Nancy time!! We had a great visit and they can never be long enough. I look forward to seeing her again... hopefully sooner rather than later! It was fun to also see her beautiful girls, husband and her parents who I had been able to get to know a little when Nancy and I were roommates at BYU! Such a fun time whenever I am with Nancy!!
Loved my time in UT! Loved every minute of it!

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Laura said...

Those are awesome pictures of the temple. And that dog is BIG. I want it, immediately.