Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boston... and my nieces!

This past Thursday and Friday I was able to take a quick trip to Boston to see Evan, Madison, Holland and to meet little Mary who was born in January! It was quick... but so much fun!!

On Thursday I just hung out with Madison and the girls for a bit... took a quick shopping trip to H&M in downtown crossing... and enjoyed seeing some of the city! I babysat for Evan and Madison at night so they could go out to dinner. OH MY WORD... I have a new appreciation for mom's of infants... especially infants close in age. It was non-stop. How do they get anything done in life besides something directly related to childcare? It was a true test for me... I was only with them for about 2.5 hours alone and I was very grateful to see Evan and Madison walk through the door again!

On Friday, my dad came up from RI and we all had a great day together! I love this picture that Madison took of Pop-pop and Holland hanging out in the apartment!
Her smile is sooo cute!
And this was Pop-pop's first time meeting little Mary too!

Holland is all personality. She isn't really afraid of strangers and will jump in to the arms of practically anyone who offers to hold her and shows affection to her. A little scary for her parents, but a joy for an aunt that doesn't get to see her very often.  She loves to be held and cuddled... and so do I :)
Holland has been really good thus far as a big sister. I imagine it's quite a change going from only child, to being a sister and not getting all the attention anymore. Madison said that Holland is learning how to be gentle with Mary, but it's a process :) Holland also loves climbing in Mary's little baby seat when it's not in use. I think she might get a little jealous of Mary's attention at times too :) But, Holland is just so dang cute. Her smile makes you smile. And, so does her laugh! She's just a genuine happy, friendly and fun little girl! I also love that she can play by herself and keep herself entertained by simple things... like her love of playing with Costco boxes. She's definitely NOT a high-maintenance child!
To give Madison a bit of a break, we took Holland to the Boston Aquarium. Holland loves to walk, but it was so crowded and most things were not at her eye level so we held her for most of the time. It was fun! But, tiring!
The colors in many of the exhibits were awesome. Holland loved it!
I just love her little face!
She REALLY loved this one exhibit. It was close to the ground so she could stand and see it on her own and there were a gazillion little blue fishies in it. She got very close to the glass and just started talking to them in her own language (she's not too good yet with words.) and then got really excited every now and then! She did this for a long time. It was precious!
Holland's bottle is definitely for comfort. She doesn't even drink it that much. 
She just loves holding it!

After the aquarium we went back to the apartment for her nap. Evan got off early and we just had a great afternoon chatting, eating and such. I also love going back to visit Boston. It brings back so many memories... good ones. I don't think I could ever live there again, but definitely a fun place to visit!

Can't wait for my return!

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