Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life sure is interesting... definitely never dull

Life sure does throw some curve balls when you're least expecting it.

An update: For my job, I am living on Nantucket island this summer. It's a beautiful place, but it makes coordinating my own life a little difficult.

Most of June was very busy getting ready to make the move for everyone up to the island. I kind of put my personal life on hold because I knew I'd have the last week in June off. I was looking forward to doing some day trips, relaxing by the pool, and having fun!

Well, life had other plans. A summary of "vacation" included:
1. A very, very, VERY unplanned and unexpected MOVE! Yes. That's right. For reasons I will leave off this blog, I ended up having to pack up my apartment, as well as find a new apartment, and deal with some extra drama related to that in a matter of about 6 days.

The ACTUAL move won't happen till the last weekend in July, but since I'll be traveling for work I won't be back till the day I have to move! And, yes, the blessing is that it's only a block away and so I don't have to rent a UHaul... just a couple of dolly's. So, if you have to move, I guess this is the best possible scenario.

It was actually another blessing that I found the apartment that I did. It had been taken off the market, but I questioned it, and after some checking they notified me that it was a mistake and was actually on the market! Sweet! I got it, and I got it at the reduced price!

2. July 4th was a day to celebrate our Nation's birthday, which is a wonderful event. But, it was also the day for a funeral for my trusted, mostly reliable, and ever-faithful companion...

Yes, the Saab's days were limited, but this event sealed the deal even moreso. I am just grateful my mom hadn't started to get out of the car before we were hit. I had pulled over to the side to let her out of the car and a guy who was coming from a cross street pulled out and didn't look (or stop) before he hit us. I had a sweet headache from the impact for a while yesterday, but I don't even want to think what would have happened if my mom had actually started to get out of the car.

The Saab served me well for the past 6 years or so. It's only caused me drama a few times... like when it literally BLEW UP (the engine, that is) while I was driving on the NJ turnpike.

But, you know what - I just realized that in both instances, my fabulous, patient, amazing angel of a mother was with me for that drama as well as for yesterday's drama. And, she got to experience the joy of helping me locate an apartment this week and pack up... when she thought she was coming down for a relaxed, fun visit!
I wonder if she's ready to throw in the towel and ask for another daughter... one that doesn't cause her so much worry and drama in her life?!

In any case, I never thought I would say it, but I was actually relieved to come back to this (despite its own challenges)

For the rest of the summer!


Midwayedancer said...

Oh my gosh Cara! Give yourself a breather. It sounds like you deserve it!

Laura said...

Wow, crazy! Sorry about the last minute move AND the car funeral... so glad you and your mom weren't hurt! And... if you make your way to Boston, please drop a line - would love to take you to lunch or some such...

Maylene said...

Crazy Cara! I can't believe you're having to move on top of all that. I wish I lived closer to come help you. Hopefully the rest of the summer is smooth sailing because that is a lot to deal with when you're supposed to be kicking back and relaxing.