Sunday, July 24, 2011

One excursion off the "main drag"...

My excursion last Sunday:
I decided last Sunday that my life on this island consists of a very small, confined area. Basically, everything I need and all I have done is between the airport and town.... which is about 1.5 miles on one road! But, seriously, the house, the grocery store/pharmacy, the gym, the tennis/pool club, etc., are all right along this road!

So, I took off in the mini towards Siasconset. It's about 6 miles from us mid-islanders (which is the area where the house is located). And, it's beautiful. It's on the eastern shore and many famous or well-known people have their homes there. I would hate being so far from town (See? That's what comes from being on a small island and living so close to town. I forget what it's like to have to drive more than 2 or 3 minutes to go shopping or get to the airport.) The people out in Siasconset have to drive 10-15 minutes. That's crazy!

So, I drove out there and did the typical tourist thing... didn't drive over 5-10 miles per hour as I wanted to see all the homes and places. It was a beautiful afternoon and the views of the water and lands were incredible.

I drove north and stopped at the Sankaty lighthouse. It's high on a cliff that was obviously blocked off because it was eroding. They actually moved the lighthouse 405 feet a few years ago so it didn't drop off!
The ocean is to the right in the picture

A view from the lighthouse
Most of Nantucket homes are that greyish wood color.
Another view. Nantucket is mostly really flat.
I think I was at one of the "high points" taking this picture.

From there I drove northwest to Quidnet and Wauwinet. Along the way I saw these houses just set back from the road a bit, all by themselves. And, they were HUGE! But, I don't think I would like not being close to ANYTHING but a beach!

However, I continued on my pretty drive and stopped at a National Park "hut". It was clear that the mini would not go any further, because at this spot you had to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and deflate your tires in order to continue on the sand road! They didn't have any parking (that I saw) there as well, so I couldn't get out and walk to the ocean. But, it was just my lucky day because all of a sudden I hear "Cara?" from behind me. I didn't think this person could possibly be calling my name because I didn't know anyone! So, I didn't turn around. She called "Cara?" again, and I turned and saw one of the girls I had met in church earlier that day! She is here on an assignment for a few months to protect and save the birds on this part of the island. How random that I ran in to her, but she had stopped to deflate her tires before driving out on the sand!

We chatted for a few minutes, then she told me that I could park there in a special spot and walk around. Cool! So, she took off for the outer edge of the island and I strolled past some additional homes (that could only be reached by 4 wheel drive and deflated tires) and even a hotel! I was shocked there was a hotel all the way out here. It was an elegant one, and obviously, well-off people come to escape the everyday life by staying here.

I took it upon myself to walk in it, look around, and then continue on to their "private" grass area and beach :) It was pretty, but no where I would be interested in staying. All there was to do was walk around and chat while sipping cocktails with other people or sit and read. I need some action!

But, they did have PLENTY of my favorite flowers on this island. They are everywhere! We have some in our yard... almost everyone does. Who knows what they are, but aren't they beautiful! There's purplish ones and pinkish ones as well!
I love these flowers!!

I left and continued down the sand road until it became quite clear that it would take me an hour or more to reach the end of the island and then I didn't want to have to walk that whole way back. So, I returned to my car and set off back towards town.

I was proud of my little excursion and even prouder I didn't get lost!... but then again, there are only so many ways or places to get lost! (and that did happen this past week when I took another excursion to Bartlett Farms!... story to come later)...

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