Friday, July 8, 2011

Three simple letters, one simple word... undefineable meaning


Simple words to write, but defining it would take a novel.

I have thought a lot about what I would want to write in this post,
but figured I didn't have the eloquence in writing to do it justice.

SO, I thought I would write a summary of what
I have learned from her over the years:
Disclaimer: This is what I have learned...
not saying that I always do it!

What's right is what's right...
no matter what others are doing

Eating dinner as a family is important. It doesn't matter
what's served as long as you sit down and eat together.

It's OK to re-wrap a gift you already received
and have someone think it's new and
a surprise for you when you open it:)

It never hurts to check, re-check, triple check,
and then check again once more.

You can "talk the talk,"
but can you "walk the walk?"
a.k.a "Actions speak louder than words"

Taking "mental health days" from school and work
and really making the most of it
is TOTALLY acceptable!!
Lunch and a movie, anyone?!

Service might not always be easy or convenient,
but you'll be much better off after having done it
and so will the person you served.

A commitment is a commitment.
Enough said.

If your cell phone drops a call. Always call them right back.
If not, they might think you died instead.

While waiting, it's important to keep your shirt on
and to hold your horses :)

Cursing in German is OK.
Cursing in English is not.

Save all your receipts, emails, paperwork,
and basically anything that won't rot over time.
You never know when you're going to need it again.
You just never know.
And, even though you can't remember
where you put it when you do need it,
you'll have comfort in knowing that it
really is somewhere and you'll find it eventually!

Lima Beans are bad.
Chocolate is always OK. Always.

Be industrious.
Learn how to do/fix things on your own.
Then, teach your children.

Decide which battles are worth fighting
and which battles to let go of.

British murder mysteries and
listening to newscasters argue on just about anything
is the next best thing to chocolate and heaven.

She has one "duck" and he will always
be her "duck" no matter how old he gets. :)

If the only thing you get done during the day
is getting the newspaper read,
you can call it a successful day!

This list could go on and on... but one of the most important things I have learned from my mother is to be kind to others, especially those who are different from you or those who are not kind in return. Patience and understanding are virtues that are irreplaceable.

There are very few things in this life
I have NEVER ever doubted.
One of those is my mother's
unconditional love for me!

Happy Birthday MOM!!

This is a picture taken
at her birthday dinner celebration!


Drew and Jenny said...

Yay for your mom! I love the one about keeping anything that won't rot. :)

HaH said...

I think your mom rocks!!! Happy Birthday to her!!!