Monday, July 23, 2012

NYC - Round 3!

Since I am on the island for 2 months, we like to get off every now and then! One recent trip was to NYC (again!). Yep... my third time in just over a month! But, it was a lot of fun. It was SO dang HOT and humid... but a very nice hotel sure helps after coming in from being outside. This hotel was unlike any I've ever stayed in, but I would recommend it to anyone. They pride themselves on being eco-friendly. I didn't notice too many differences, but they always had fruit available for the taking in the lobby, a fabulous and free full breakfast, very comfy rooms with a kitchenette, a great work out room, and it was right by Penn Station so it was easy for travel! Loved it! And, top top it all off, it was just on the west side of an area where you can find GREAT Mexican restaurants!

It was a very quick trip, but during little breaks I got from working, I was able to do a session at the Manhattan Temple in Lincoln Center (amazing and awesome that there is a temple in downtown Manhattan!). But, also had the chance to visit the American Natural History Museum  and two others close to it, as well as tour the financial district a bit... see some famous churches and financial bldgs... but also had the opportunity to get tickets to see the 9/11 memorial and to spend some time in the World Trade Center area. 

They are rebuilding some of the buildings and changing it from how it was done before... but it looks like it will be really neat when it is completed. Here are some of the pictures.
This is an actual uniform from one of the rescuers
This is really cool!  So sad, but very symbolic
The flag has the names of everyone who passed away on it.
I believe this is WTC #7
Construction area with some of the buildings already 
completed or close to being done in the back.
Reflection Pool #1
Along the sides of the reflection pool they have the names 
listed again of everyone who died in the tragedy
I believe this is the new museum they are building. 
Not yet done, but I think it's supposed to be completed soon.
Reflection Pool #2

This is the survivor tree. It is a pear tree that was badly damaged in the 9/11 attacks, but was kept in a park in Brooklyn until it could be replanted back at the WTC in 2010. It had gone through a lot, but is now thriving... and is very symbolic for the resiliency of those who survived the attack, New York City, and really, the whole country.
In the small museum/souvenir shop they had this motorcycle on display. 
I just thought it was a pretty cool picture and a pretty cool motorcycle!

It was fun to go back to NYC, yet again, and visit some of these sights. NYC is amazing... but I think my visits to it are done for a while :)

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