Monday, March 3, 2008

Cross that one off of the list!

Gym Teacher. Never, ever, ever going to be one. No, wait. I stand corrected. I was firmly told today that the position is a P.E. Teacher and NOT a gym teacher. (All the same to me). But, anyway, today I had the unfortunate opportunity to sub for one at our school (Eric was desperate). I spent 3.5 hours playing steal the bacon.

Now, no, we didn't play with real bacon (although the kids might have preferred that and it definitely would have made the stinky gym smell better). We played what should have been a simple game with four different classes. Well, after feeling like I had yelled for the entire time in order for everyone to hear me, sending 7 kids to the nurse for everything from bumps on the head to cuts on their skin, resolving a gazillion arguments and fights, calming a student who was crying hysterically because he thought the game was unfair, and explaining the rules more times than I can count (to the same class), I have come to a firm conclusion I am NOT cut out for a gym teacher (P.E. Teacher, sorry). I'll stick to counseling and eating the bacon rather than stealing it. :)

Todays experience confirms for me that people should try out a profession before getting a job in it!

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Maylene said...

I can't believe they made you do that. It sounds horrible. I hate yelling at kids and explaining things to them!