Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What would you wait an hour in line for...?

There aren't many things I would wait in line an hour for. I've never understood why someone would camp out for sports tickets(although I did sleep on the Marriott Center walkway one year at BYU for foortball tickets, but that's only because I was a crazy freshman and didn't know better. I quickly learned.), or wait outside a store for some major after-holiday sales. In my opinion, there's much better ways to spend my time.

But, tonight I did wait outside in line and had so much fun doing it! And, for what you may ask.... A FREE BURRITO. Yes, you read it right. A free (regularly $6) burrito from the new Chipotle restaurant that opened in Harvard Square. And, it was so worth it. They actually have a pretty cool website. Check it out :

A few people came by and asked us what the long line was for. When we told them they were like: "You're waiting in this line for a free burrito?!!" But, they just didn't understand what they were missing out on. Some people these days just have their priorities out of wack :) For me, it was time well spent. There is nothing like a good burrito filled with all the good stuff.

P.S. - Okay, so maybe it also helped that I was standing in line with my visiting teaching companion and one of the sisters we visit teach. Multi-tasking made it all that much sweeter!


Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chipotle! It was one of my favorite places to eat in California, and we finally have one close to us in Utah too! Yay! I would DEFINITELY wait in line an hour for a free burrito!

Jamie Parke said...

If you enjoyed it then I think it was definitely time well spent. Those are the fun things you will remember down the road.