Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sun, Sun - Here I come!

I don't plan on writing about things that happened in the past on this blog, but I can't let this one slide by.

One of my favorite things about working for a public school in MA is that they have these week long "winter breaks" and "spring breaks". That means we get a week off in February and again in April (don't forget the nice vacation days we get during November and December!!)

For the past three of four years I have been promising one of my best friends from college that I would come and visit her in Phoenix. Well, the perfect time to visit Phoenix for someone who's not a huge fan of winter in Boston, is February! I was so excited to go, I packed my bag about five days in advance (and, yes, it included flip-flops and t-shirts!).

The trip was one thousand times better than I could have expected. Here's a re-cap:

1. My flights to and from Phoenix were direct, landed 30 min early (when does that EVER happen? and I didn't have anyone sitting next to me BOTH ways! Love Southwest. Love them.)

2. Maylene and Mark live in a very cute house and seeing them again was like nothing had changed in the four years since we've been together... except for the fact they have the two cutest girls! I had so MUCH FUN I going to the park and playing all sorts of things with these Sophie and Sydney. Sydney is a very good conversationalist and both girls have two amazing parents.

3. We got to eat Maylene's famous fajitas and I was in heaven. I am still craving them. When Maylene and I lived together at BYU, would would make these about twice a week usually after a night of "studying" at the Library. We would leave the library around 11:50 at night when "The Saints go Marching in" would start playing, head to Food 4 Less for the ingredients, and usually sit down to eat around 1 AM. Discussion during the meal would somehow always turn to boys! This time around, we ate it a lot earlier and the dinner table discussion was a bit different, but the experience was just as memorable. She made the salsa from scratch and I learned how to fry a real tortilla! One thing I really miss here in Boston is more Mexican places... but nothing can compare with Maylene's!

4. We were able to drive to Mesa to visit another friend, and Maylene's sister-in-law, Jillin.
I also got to see the Mesa Temple and some beautiful scenery along the drive.

5. The weather was perfect each day. I was able to take some morning runs and explore some of the area.

6. I haven't laughed so often in such a short amount of time or felt so welcomed as a visitor in a home in such a long time. I can't wait to go back!

Dinner on Monday at the BEST pizza place ever in downtown Phoenix.

Sydney was quite the photographer as she did a photo shoot for Maylene and I!
My new little buddy...


Maylene said...

Oh good...I'm so glad you remembered the fajitas! I totally forgot to write about that on my blog and that is an ever so important tradition of ours. I'm so glad you had fun here. You can come back any time and hang out with us! I guess now it's my turn to go explore Boston and visit all your places.

Unknown said...

I don't think I've ever had Maylene's fajitas...I LOVE Mexican food, so I'll have to find out how she does it! Sounds like you guys had a blast...I'm jealous of your trip AND the warm Phoenix weather! Someday Spring will come!

Jamie Parke said...

It is so fun to see you guys together. Looks like you had a great time. Maylene is always lots of fun!!