Saturday, March 22, 2008

"High Performing Person"

I am taking a class with some co-workers on how I can be a "High Performing Teacher"! The discussion this week was on the powers of belief and choice. It's incredible to me to think and reflect on how much our thoughts really do control our actions and affect our feelings. I don't think about this everyday, but as I've thought about it a lot this week, I am slowly starting to realize how true it is for me.

Running, for example. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am not a runner. I run, but not because of the pure enjoyment and love of it. Maybe the first mile is fun... on a good day... but after that I keep on going because I know my body will feel better at the end, I'll feel better about myself for having exercised, and I'll be proud of myself for continuing past one mile! However, I've noticed that my runs are better when I am telling myself that "I am doing well" rather than counting down the minutes I have left or telling myself how much I stink at running!

Or, with my job. I feel like I am a much better counselor, and more in tune with my students needs, when I truly believe I am competent and capable of having a positive influence on their lives. But, on days when I feel inadequate, it reflects on my ability to really focus in on the student. I could go on and on about this... but negative beliefs give you permission to not even try.

I liked this statement by the instructor: "Your positive beliefs will thus energize and motivate you ---encourage you to persevere.... And at the end of the day you are going to feel satisfied/successful." That's how I want to feel at the end of every day. I am ready to get rid of my negative beliefs!

The next is the power of choice. As a guidance counselor I've been dealt challenges with some of my students. The choices I make about the challenges I face will ultimately shape my destiny as a guidance counselor. The instructor pointed out that I can hang onto the challenges and be frustrated, or I can deal with reality and seek solutions for them. I've decided to apply this thinking in my own life as well... If I believe others have to change in order for me to fulfill my mission and goals, I will completely disempower myself.

Sad to say that I have lived my life in that way in many areas. It's time for me to be not only a "High Performing Teacher", but also a "High Performing Person!"

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