Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is what I miss...

Tonight I realized just how much I miss sitting down to watch BYU play sports... even when they suffer a terrible loss. There's nothing like being with good friends and watching Cosmo, the blue and white jersey's, or the BYU cheerleaders and wishing more than anything I was in the arena or stadium. I LOVE BYU!!!!

There's also nothing like college sports. Yes, I can sit down and enjoy watching a professional sports team play, but I am not as into it as a college game. To me, it seems like the college players have more "heart" in what they're doing and it's just more exciting to watch. There's also too much commercialism in professional sports games. They loose the passion of the sport or the team they're playing for... or something.

When I was at BYU I loved going to games. Not only were some of the players good to look at :) but my heart was with them no matter what. And, now that I've left "Happy Valley", I've realized that part of my heart is truly still dedicated to them. I don't even know who the players or the coaches are, or how we did in the regular season, but I'll cheer for anyone that plays for them.

That got me to thinking... what does it take for part of our heart to be dedicated to a cause or a school, etc.? I don't know if I have the answer yet... but, I got my masters from Boston University, but I could care less about their sports teams. I worked for Harvard for three years and the feeling is the same. But, BYU, nobody had better criticize them! I'll cheer for them till I die. I'm "True Blue" through and through. GO COUGS!!!!!


Emma said...

I agree - college sports are much more exciting and fun to watch than the professionals. We enjoy watching all teams, but especially the Aggies and Cougs. Go figure - we didn't even go to BYU. We do follow the Utah Jazz though - it's the only pro team I care about.

Maylene said...

I love the Cougars! There is just something about watching them win or matter how long it has been since you can catch a game! Hey I remember some special players that had hearts around them...actually, once I took down the poster I cut out their pictures and I'm sure I have them tucked away in some box!