Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brant Point and Steps Beach

One of my goals (I think I mentioned in another post) is to see all the lighthouses on the island. This lighthouse was an easy one to get to. It's just west of town and you can basically drive to it. It's Brant Point and it's right next to the Coast Guard Station. It's a tiny lighthouse, but it's the main one to guide ships in to the harbor. And, as I found out yesterday, it's also a great beach for little kids since the waves are so small and evidently there must be some good fishing because there were many out there doing it... although I didn't see any fish in the water!

I liked the flag on the side of it

Can you see the size of some of those boats!
All I kept thinking as I walked past some of these boats
and houses on the harbor... was
WHO are these people??!!
I need to get to know them!!
The picture below is one of the ferry's leaving the island.
So, one of my other goals is to get to as many of the beaches on the island as possible. This is a much harder goal to reach as there are 37 miles of beaches and every half-mile seems to be a new beach! But, the kids told me about this one so I thought I'd check it out.
Steps beach... properly named because...
These are the steps to gain access to the beach!
This beach is located off of "Cliff Rd". Looking up from the beach you can tell why it's named that. And, the picture doesn't do these houses justice! I love just driving by them and thinking, "Who are these people?!
I have to get to know them!" :)

Then, I saw these tomatoes?? everywhere in the green brush on the cliff. I also saw a snake slither away... and that about did it for me at this beach. It was a very quick walk for me back up the steps.

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