Saturday, August 13, 2011

Katy's visit! I have 2 friends today!

The family I nanny for decided to take the kids off island for a few days. I could have gone off as well, for the whole time, but decided to also make the most of them being gone and having some time off to explore the island! ... and take advantage of things I've done... just without the kids!

Fortunately, Katy had a free day and was able to come over to play! She doubled my friend number on the island :)

The day flew by. We spent some time in town, the beach, the pool, Sconset, Sankaty light house, and a bike ride (Well, Katy and Amanda did while I had to attend an event. From what I hear Katy got to see more parts of the island than they had originally set out for :)

It was fun and a very beautiful day!

"Katy Head"
Now, that might be an even better name for the lighthouse!
Don't ask me why I am posing as a teapot?! Ha!
This lighthouse was moved some years ago
because of beach erosion... but it's located
in a very pretty part of the island!
My one friend on the island, Amanda, joined with us for the day.
It was so fun to have Katy here for a visit and
to enjoy yet another beautiful day on the island!

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Unknown said...

I love that you're on this lighthouse kick! I think that would be a super fun activity to try to see a bunch of different ones. Enjoying the updates. :)