Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why I love this airport

The first time I took one of these planes, I had to ask myself if the trip was really worth it because I was so nervous to ride in one! All I could think of was a story I heard when I was in Alaska this time last year and how a similar plane crashed in to a side of the mountain.

I knew I wouldn't be going over any mountains, but I did figure out my quick escape plan if we happened to crash on the water.

I've now taken a couple of these flights and am more comfortable with them. My last trip "overseas" was to Hyannis. I arrived at the airport an hour early because I thought I had to go through security. Well, LUCKY me! There's such a thing as "Airport Taxi's"!

Who knew?!

With these flights you don't have to go through security. If I was traveling to Boston or PVD or some other major airport I would have had to, but not Hyannis or some of the other very small airports. I literally could have walked in to the airport a minute before my flight, got my ticket and boarded!
What a cute little plane. This one was actually quite
crowded with 6 people on board and the pilot!

As we flew I wanted to take pictures of the beautiful land/water below.
We flew closer to the ground that normal flights
so I just looked down the whole time
It was around sunset
And, there is Nantucket! All those beach houses!

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