Sunday, June 15, 2008

Change... change is a good thing

I don't know if my blog is the best place to write down these thoughts, but since I don't keep a journal... this will have to do because I want to write it somewhere! (If anyone is reading this and doesn't want to read about some random/mixed thoughts on my life... start scrolling past this!

Embracing change has never been one of the things I enjoy and live for. I usually dread it and sometimes truly fear it! I tend to avoid change when I can control it... which is silly and stupid... but sometimes I have no control over it and that scares me!

One such instance (and this is silly of me, but true)... is that for the past three years I have been serving as the enrichment counselor in my ward. I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this calling in every way. I loved working with the sisters in the presidency and every aspect of my calling.

I have known for a few months that my release was coming because our president was moving, but almost dreaded, in a way, being released. Everyone kept telling me how excited I must be... and I would smile at their comment, but inside was telling myself how sad I would be! However, because this change was a while in the making, I've been praying to HF to help me make a smooth transition in my life, to embrace the change and move on in a very positive way.

Well, today I was officially released and it I was amazed at how calm and peaceful I was over the past few days and especially today as I have made the transition with the new counselor and with my calling. I have truly felt the Lord guiding me with people and things happening just at the right time and in the right way... it has been an inspiring and faith building experience for me.

I am currently calling-less and I know that won't last for long, but I am excited to see what's next. Truly, I am. And, it's comforting to know I can say with confidence that I know that right now is the best time for me to be released and to move on to the next stage.

Can I request being a sacrament meeting greeter??? I Would LOVE that calling!!

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Julie said...

I think the sacrament mtg. greeter calling is reserved for BYU student wards, hahaha, I've thought about that too, how nice it would be to greet (and meet) everyone as they walk in...