Saturday, June 7, 2008

Love my Friday night temple shift!!!

Elder Russell M. Nelson

There are a number of reasons why I love my Friday night temple shift twice a month. Of course I LOVE just having the opportunity to be in the temple and to work with such amazing men and women. But on Fridays I also usually see many of my friends as well.

It also happens that Friday nights are popular nights for VERY special guests to come to the temple once they land in Boston. I've had the opportunity to meet Ann and Truman Madsen, Elder Oaks' wife, Sheri Dew and a few other church leaders.

However, yesterday was an exceptionally fantastic temple shift! I got to meet Elder Russell M Nelson! He's in the area for a stake conference and he is also giving a special Boston Temple worker's fireside tomorrow afternoon (which I am also fortunate to attend!) It was so awesome to be standing outside one of the rooms in the temple and see him walk by with the Temple President and his wife! AND, to have the chance to greet him (Silly me for ever complaining about my assignment sometimes to just greet people in the temple.... I'll do it anytime :)

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Lauren said...

cara, that is so awesome. wow!