Saturday, June 7, 2008

The next generation of Slip'N Slide's!

This is a picture of the new generation Slip'N Slides!

You would never believe that Boston was in the 50's yesterday and that I wore a long sleeve shirt and fleece all day.

(On a side note... it was raining and yet we still went on our field trip to the Farm! Yes, the Kindergarten class at Fox Hill still went to Drumlin Farms yesterday... ponchos and all! Fortunately, it was only misty when we were walking around. But hey, at least the Farm didn't stink like it would if it was HOT!)

Anyway - one of the things about Boston that I have just grown to accept is the crazy weather changes we have from one day to the next. Yesterday was cold and 50... today is HOT and 92!! My wardrobe is now shorts and a t-shirt and AC is on full-time!

What better way to celebrate the start of summer by using a Slip'n Slide!!! My family had one when I was a kid... but it was pretty basic. The water didn't shoot very high and there weren't pegs to hold it into the grass, so we were asking to hurt ourselves in one way or another.

But, today, I go to Slip'N Slide and it was AWESOME! (same one as the picture above) I quickly learned I am not as agile as I was when I was seven... but the fun factor is still there. :)

Ahhh.... summer is here!!!

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