Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cute story

I had to post this story...

In my school there is a little "peanut" of a first grader who is just adorable! Well, yesterday, his teacher announces that they are going to clean out their desks. Less than 30 seconds later, this little boy is at the teachers desk, shaking slightly, saying that he feels really sick. Concerned, the teacher sends this boy, with a friend carrying a waste basket, (in case he threw up on the way) to the nurse.

Well, the nurse has stepped away for a minute so the secretary asks the boy if he feels like he's going to throw up. The boy was hesitant but quietly he said, "no". He still doesn't look very good so she asks him what's wrong. He slowly (and almost with guilt in his voice) says, with his head down, that he feels worried. (now, remember that this is a tiny little first grader who is just adorable!) The secretary asks him why he's worried and if he would like to talk about it. He looks up and says with more confidence: "Yes. Yes, I would like to talk about it." So she tells him she's listening and wants to help. She asks him again what's wrong and he tells her that he's worried because his teacher announced they were going to clean out their desks and he has unfinished work hidden in the back of his desk and he's worried that she would find it!!!!!!

Now, the other funny thing is that his teacher is such a nice, caring, understanding and patient lady. Far from being a tyrant or a mean person. :) Kids are just so funny... and so precious!

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