Sunday, June 22, 2008


Mt. Wachusetts that is. (You'll understand my title for this post if you've ever heard their commercials on tv)

Anyway - yesterday was fabulous! I went hiking!! It's been almost two years since I've ventured out on a trail and yesterday was the perfect day to do so. Sunny, not too hot, and the trail was only about an hour away so we didn't have to get up early. LOVE THAT!

A small group of us went and that allowed some of us had a very "bonding" experience in the car on the way up :) The hike wasn't very hard but it did have some rocks to climb up and around (nothing like Mt. Manadnock... or however you spell it)... and I am terrible at judging how far we went, but it wasn't too long.

The top of the mountain was kind of funny. I am not sure how I feel about hikes when you reach the top and there are cars there (meaning we could have driven up), picnic tables, power houses and satellite towers all around! It doesn't let you really feel like you're out in the wilderness... but it was a great view. We could see Boston off in the distance and there was a small pond with goldfish in it where we sat down to have lunch.

Boston's there in the distance... I promise!

One of my favorite things about hiking is the random subjects you get talking about with your fellow hikers... you can really get to know someone in ways you never would otherwise! This hike in particular I was taken back to my days in AP Bio, refreshed my knowledge of English Literature, and learned all about a chef's life in the kitchen!

Shelly, Amy and "Spike"

However, I also like walking and not talking. I was in the lead for a bit on the hike and it was nice to just take in the smell and the views as we walked... and to just think. I loved the "fresh" smell of nature, to see the sun shining through the tall trees, and the small animals scurrying about. Beautiful. Just beautiful. It reminded me how grateful I am for the Lord's creation and everything, EVERYTHING, he has put in it.

I am excited to do more hiking... and to see where the trails lead me :)

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Shelly Karren said...

It's nice to visit your blog at last! (and it won't be the last visit either). Here's to being true blog friends forever more! xox