Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's in store this summer?

My posts today are all out of order... but my thinking in my brain is out of order... so bear with me here.

The end of school means the start of summer for me. Last summer, I had the summer of my life. You know about those summers when you're a "tween" where you go from being a kid to having the best summer of your life and you grow into a more independent "tween"... but really you just remember it because you had the best time and moved beyond the four corners of your yard to explore what else the world has to offer.

Well, that happened for me when I was a "tween" but it also happened last summer. I truly had THE BEST SUMMER! I had just graduated from BU and even though I spend countless hours searching for a job I was able to relax, explore, do things I had always wanted to do, spend time with good friends and family and live in a dream world... and get paid for it! ONE HUGE reason for my amazing summer was the opportunity to watch these three amazing children.

They truly light up my life and bring me so much joy! This summer, the schedule is a bit different and I know things won't be the same as last year... but man, I'm ready to get started. Let's see what this summer has to bring!! Let the fun begin...

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