Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reasons why I love my job :)

There were so many things that happened this week that helped me remember why I love my job so much. There's never been a day this year when I dreaded going into work, but there have been days when I left and wondered why do I love this so much?!

Well, this week was SPIRIT week at Fox Hill Elementary. We kicked it off with an assembly on Monday and everyone wore Fox Hill colors (green and white). I always think it is so neat to see the entire school community together singing the Fox Hill Song! Tuesday was "Colors of the rainbow" day and each grade wore a color of the rainbow. We also had field day (now, it was 98 degrees that day and no breeze, but fortunately only one girl passed out! She was ok in the end, but I will never understand why we didn't postpone it. Fox Hill doesn't have ANY AC. It was brutally HOT when we arrived at 8 am and it's the first time I've ever seen kids stop running or wanting to do the relays, even the water relay, after only one try... because it was SO DARN HOT!) But, we survived and fortunately for me, I was at the water relay :) That was also the day that I literally never stopped sweating. It was beyond gross.

Wednesday was dress up day and there was a special "elegant" breakfast for the teachers! It was fun to get dressed up and see little Kindergarteners walking around with little ties on! Thursday was Red, White and Blue day because it was also Flag Day. We had a very ncie assembly in the morning and had reminders all day long of why we love our flag and our country!

Finally, Friday was amazing!!! We had our spring celebration. I think the music teacher started working on this with the kids back in September. We had an hour long performance by groups of kids, whole grades, individuals, etc and there was lots of singing and revelry! Then, we ended it by all going outside and they had a Maypole... and more songs, awards, etc. Parents were invited to come and it was awesome. It brought tears to my eyes!

Also, this week was filled with classroom performances for the parents. Whether it be an author's breakfast, Kindergarten graduation, or some other creative way to celebrate the work each class did this year, the kids were excited to perform as a class for their parents. I can't really describe the powerful feeling I had watching these precious students perform throughout the week in different capacities. Also, the feeling of community that was there with teachers, students and parents coming together as one. I felt so much pride and joy to be a small part of this community.

And, thinking back to my tedious and sometimes torturous job search last year... when it seemed like NOTHING would work out, at the last minute (two days before I started) I was offered this job. HF knew what was best for me and I learned a lot about myself along the way. It is a gentle reminder to me that the Lord really is mindful of me... and things do work out for the best IN HIS TIME - NOT MINE. But, looking back on this year, I am glad it was HIS time and not mine!

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